Thank you for visiting our school!

We offer training in ancient wisdom and sacred practices from the Indian subcontinent. You're probably already familiar with some of them. For example, have you ever tried the yogic practice of āsana (usually called "yoga"), or dhyāna, meditation?

If you've ever wanted to go deeper into the wisdom and sacred way of life than what typically gets taught at the gym, you've arrived at the right place!

These sacred teachings have been beautifully cultivated and passed on for thousands of years. There are powerful, beautiful, awe-inspiring practices guiding every aspect and stage of life.

Until now, it's been a challenge to get access to the authentic tradition and to understand how the different ancient teachings and practices fit together, especially within the flow of modern life.

And, it's easy to distort and manipulate teachings and practices when you take them out of their native context, resulting in confusion and harm.

At Living Sanskrit, we are committed to protecting the purity and depth of these teachings. And so excited to share them with you all - may they guide and inspire humanity for generations to come.

Align With Nature and the Deepest Knowing of the Heart

We've seen over thousands of years that these teachings have the power to uplift suffering, heal the planet, and create beauty.  

We built Living Sanskrit so everyone, everywhere, could learn and practice this wisdom and way of life.

Whether you're just curious and passing by, or you're already a dedicated dharma practitioner, please know that you're welcome.  These teachings are for everyone, from all backgrounds, religions, and stages of life.

We hope that you will receive as much purpose, delight, and inspiration from this tradition as we do.

As always, we wish you happiness, health, and limitless blessings.

From all of us at Living Sanskrit - Swāgatam! Welcome!