Vol. 1 – Full Moon Newsletter

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We’re so happy to share this auspicious and joyful moment with you – after nearly ten years in development, the letter you are now reading is the first offering of Living Sanskrit! (Yay!)

The traditional calendar follows the cycles of the moon, and every full and new moon was set aside as a good day for spiritual practice. Taking time to pause, reflect, and deepen your inner journey every fortnight is a really simple way to stay present and bring beauty and meaning to the otherwise endlessly challenging flow of daily life.

Today is the full moon known as Vaisakha Purṇima, which honors springtime as well as the life of Lord Buddha. If you’re a Western meditator, there is a 100% chance that his teachings have impacted and guided your practice, and it is a wonderful time to honor his legacy and impact in the world. What’s kind of funny is that from the perspective of the ancient yogic tradition, he’s still relatively new! So just for now, let’s bring our attention back to something primordial: springtime, and new beginnings.

We chose today as the beginning for Living Sanskrit for several reasons. Purṇima, the Sanskrit word for “full moon”, is a particularly sacred time, ideal for new beginnings. The word purṇa means “whole” or “perfect”. The full moon is a perfect circle of wholeness and light. When we align with the full moon, we align with the energy that is radiant, peaceful, and free of emptiness or lack. We can ask the full moon for blessings that we too, take all our actions from a generous and peaceful space.


The Moon is a Symbol of Gentleness and Grace

The moon, like grace, offers soft light that helps us see through darkness. And on the full moon, there’s extra light and energy supporting us in our efforts, whether we’re working on ourselves, or something in the world. We’re able to go further and see clearer.  All the sacred practices we’ll be sharing through this project are here to help us navigate through darkness, and to live with purity, compassion, and beauty. By starting on the full moon, we’re honoring the qualities and energies we hope to nurture through Living Sanskrit.

Traditionally, how you do something is more significant than what you do. This is totally opposite of the modern mindset. These days, we prioritize getting the job done, thinking that fulfillment lies in the outcome, rather than in the process. At Living Sanskrit, we’re using modern technology to uphold timeless values. Yes, the goal is to create a comprehensive and inspiring online training. And, that said, there’s no point running around and throwing it together if how we’ve gone about building it doesn’t reflect the wisdom, care, and love that we hope to impart through the course itself. In fact, you’ll see this commitment throughout Living Sanskrit. For example, not only do our launch dates align with natural rhythms, but our logo and pricing (which we’ll share more info about soon) are modeled from sacred geometry and arithmetic.

Today, we’re letting ourselves begin.  With wholeness and peace in our hearts.  And a prayer for blessing and grace to be with all of us and the work we set out to offer – may it also be a vehicle of blessing and grace, for all beings, at all times.

PRACTICE:  Experience a New Beginning

Today, connect with the energy of the full moon. Take a steady and comfortable posture.  Let yourself visualize (or actually see) the moon.  Become aware of the quiet space inside. Turn your attention inwards.  Become fully present.

From inside the silent space, let yourself notice if there is something that you have been wanting to learn, do, or give.  You may already be aware of it, or it may come as a surprise to you.  It may be something you’re already putting effort towards that wants to grow further or deepen.  Whatever it is, let yourself become aware of that longing.

When you feel clear about what you are seeking, once again become aware of the stillness of your heart.  From inside that space, ask for blessings and support to begin your effort.  Ask the moon and all the sacred powers to be present and to protect and guide you.  Take your time with this.  Let it be a gentle receiving of blessing, full of trust, and free from the energy of fear and demand.  When you’re ready, gently shift out of your meditative posture.

Then, carrying the energy of the blessing you have just received, let yourself start whatever action you sought blessings for – even if it’s symbolic, or only for five minutes.

Know that the process has begun.


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