Vasanta Pañcamī [New Course]

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Vasanta Pañcamī is a joyful spring celebration where we honor fresh inspiration, learning, and new growth.  It is also the day we honor our beloved goddess Sarasvatī.

In honor of this beautiful day, we are offering five free lessons:

Lesson 1 explains the origins and core practices for this day.

Lesson 2 teaches the Sarasvatī Gāyatrī mantra, with audio and a word-by-word translation.

Lesson 3 is a full 1-hour deep dive into the names and qualities of Sarasvatī-devi, the power of wisdom, intellect, and creative inspiration.

Lesson 4 is also a 1-hour+ plus in-depth exploration of how Sarasvatī is represented in sacred art (and also how her form has changed from ancient to modern art) and what each aspect of her iconography symbolizes.

Lesson 5 explains the power of saffron, and why it is the traditional prasāda offered on this day.  It also includes a recipe on how to make your own saffron milk!

The primary practice of Vasanta Pañcamī is to honor learning and inspiration - so from all of us at Living Sanskrit, we send blessings for your learning journey!  May it be rich, nourishing, and inspiring!