Rudra Puja Immersion

Living Sanskrit Scheduled Premium Course

We are honored to invite you to a very special Rudra Pūjā Immersion led by Śrī Raghu Ranganathan, a senior teacher at Bhaskara Prakasha Ashram. Raghu Gurujī has studied the Vedas and the Śrī Vidyā tradition since childhood, and he teaches and also leads large-scale yajñas and pūjās around the world. It is our great privilege to participate in this ceremony with him.

Honoring Pitṛpakṣa

Living Sanskrit Self-Paced Free Course

This full moon is Bhādrapada Pūrṇimā, and begins the time known as Pitṛpakṣa, also called Śrāddh in modern times. This is the annual fortnight each year where we pause to honor our ancestors and work through our ancestral karma.

A traditional conception of life is a wheel that keeps spinning throughout time. All creation is unified by and bound to this wheel. As much as we cling to our notions of discrete individuality, the reality is that we are created out of many beings who existed before us. Even the atoms of our body existed before we did, and when we pass they will be reused again. From our ancestors, we inherit not just our bodies and our DNA, but also our consciousness – our thoughts, feelings, traumas, beliefs, and even our notion of self.