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Lesson 2: Making Mirrors

Lesson 2: Class Video Replay​

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Part 2

List of Circle-Making Techniques:

1. Draw eight circles your natural way

2. Even distribution across the entire page (rows, random, overlapping)

3. Use a guide or jig (Fold the paper into eighths to help distribute the circles evenly)

4. Draw on the exhale

5. Draw slowly

6. Draw each circle over-and-over very quickly in pencil, then make a final circle in pen.

7. Move the page (so the place where you draw is right under your hand, instead of reaching)

8. Draw in the opposite direction of your habitual technique (clockwise or counter-clockwise)

9. Use the largest joint (lift the heel of your hand off the page)

10. Use the biggest tool to save effort and time (or just try changing the instrument)

11. Opposite corner (turn the page each time so you fill four corners first, then add the rest)

12. Draw the biggest circles (use full page for one circle, and draw repeatedly on top of it)

13. Notice any pattern of losing focus and pay extra attention at that point of the circle.

14. Combine Techniques list the techniques that help you to draw the most symmetrical circles, and combine them to develop your own technique uniquely suited to your body-mind.

Optional Techniques

Draw the circles in pencil, then draw over it in ink and erase the pencil lines.

Draw eight circles, then rotate the page up-side-down and re-draw (draw OVER the old circles)

Use a tilted surface or drafting table (to eliminate distortion due to perspective)

Look in the mirror (to see bias or “leaning” with fresh eyes)

Draw while standing up

Draw with your eyes closed

Use both hands at the same time

Use your non-dominant hand

Use a different tool (pencil instead of pen, ball-point instead of felt-tip, ect)

Fold paper to make a grid, then draw circles by looking at the negative space, not the line.

Hold the pencil perfectly still, but rotate the paper to make a circle.