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Lesson 2: Making Mirrors

Class 1:

The Origin of Sound

Class 2:

The Beginning of Movement

Class 3:

The Diverse Universe

Class 4:

The Column of Light

Class 4:

The Column of Light

Class 5:

Vibrations of Consciousness

Class 6:

Connecting the World

Class 7:

The Five Acts of Śiva

Class 8:

The Presence of the Sacred

Class 8:

The Presence of the Sacred

Lesson 2: Class Video Replay​

Recorded on August 29, 2018 6:30-8PM PST

Out of respect for our group and our sacred space, please do not share this video with others outside of our class.

List of Circle-Making Techniques:

Here are some techniques we learned in class, as well as a few extras for you to test out at home.

  1. Start drawing at different locations of the circle: top, bottom, or side.
  2. Draw in the opposite direction (Clockwise? Counter-clockwise?)
  3. Evenly distribute circles across page:
    1. Rotate page
    2. Overlapping circles
    3. Use a grid
    4. Draw one big circle
  4. Draw on the exhale
  5. Draw veeeery slowly
  6. Draw quickly over-and-over for each circle
  7. Move the page, so the place where you draw is right under your hand, instead of reaching
  8. Use the largest joint (lift the heel of your hand off the page), usually the shoulder joint. Maybe standing up!
  9. Rotate the page 180° (so that you can draw OVER the old circles up-side-down and cancel bias)
  10. Opposite corner (turn the page so you fill the four corners first, then add the rest)
  11. Use a tilted surface or drafting table (to eliminate distortion due to perspective)
  12. Check circles in the mirror (to see if you have bias or “leaning” circles with fresh eyes)
  13. Use a different tool (pencil instead of pen, ball-point instead of felt-tip, etc.)
  14. Combine techniques to eliminate bias and get ideal results

    Can you think of any others?

Practice Exercises: