a gateway into sacred art

Awaken wonder and transform your vision through the meditative practice of ritual drawing

10-week online course

Class 1:

The Origin of Sound

Class 2:

The Beginning of Movement

Class 3:

The Diverse Universe

Class 4:

The Column of Light

Class 4:

The Column of Light

Class 5:

Vibrations of Consciousness

Class 6:

Connecting the World

Class 7:

The Five Acts of Śiva

Class 8:

The Presence of the Sacred

Class 8:

The Presence of the Sacred


To sign-in to the class each week, click the following link (works on PC, Mac, iOs, or Android):

If you haven’t used Zoom before you will have to download the app and create an account. This is an easy process.

Or, you can use iPhone one-tap :
    US:+16465588656,,223125302# or +16699006833,,223125302#

Or to join by Telephone:
Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):

US:+1 646 558 8656 or +1 669 900 6833

Meeting ID: 223 125 302

International numbers available:

Because this is an interactive class, please sign in using the link so we can see you via webcam.

If you are having issues with connection, or the feed is choppy, we recommend waiting for a moment, temporarily turning off your video, or signing out and logging back in again. If your internet stops working altogether, you can dial in via telephone.

Please try to sign in 5-10 minutes early so that you have time to settle in.

For class, wear clean, comfortable clothes, with shoulders covered.


In the upcoming months, we will be learning, laughing, drawing, and growing together. The drawings we will do are very simple, but please do not underestimate the subtle yet profound shifts that can occur as the result of making icons. Give yourself quiet time after class and during each week to integrate what you’ve learned.

If you have to miss a class, there will be video recordings, which will be sent out within 48 hours of the class along with homework exercises. You should always attend the live class where possible, even if you aren’t caught up or are behind on homework.


Homework exercises should take you about a half-hour or less to complete, and we strongly recommend you do them each week as this is how you will integrate what we’ve learned into your own practice.  You will get a chance to apply esoteric principles to “real-world” scenarios and support your personal growth.

The exercises are a combination of review and personal practice exercises. For this course, we are looking for an honest effort to engage rather than proficiency or “the right answer”. All assignments that demonstrate sincere and dedicated effort will earn passing marks.

Successful completion of this course requires handing in all assignments. You will have access to all the course videos and assignments for one year. This course is a required prerequisite for ALL intermediate and advanced Living Sanskrit courses, so try to set aside time to do your practice assignments!

Course Materials:

All you need for the first class is a red pen and a few sheets of paper. But you’ll need the following materials and tools for most classes. Links are provided only as examples. Please patronize your local office or art supply store.

1)      Computer with webcam and microphone

2)      Stable web connection

3)      A smartphone or digital camera to take and send us pictures.

4)      Quiet room with plenty of light

5)      A steady table for drawing during classes.

6)      Paper –lots of it. At least 50 sheets of plain white paper. A pad of basic drawing paper is also great.  It doesn’t need to be large; 9×12 or smaller is fine. A ream of typewriter paper and a clipboard will also work. You will need the paper to lay flat while you draw, so most bound journals will NOT work.

7)      A Pencil: a mechanical pencil is great. You only need one.

8)      A Red Pen: a ball-point pen is great. Felt-tip is okay, but tends to “bleed through” the paper.

9)      Eraser: please get a block-style eraser and don’t rely on the eraser end of a pencil.

10)   Compass: This is a tool to help you make accurate circles. It has two arms connected by a hinge, with a needle on one arm to hold the center, and a pencil lead on the other arm for drawing the circle radius.

11)   Ruler: Any standard ruler of approximately 12 inches (30 CM) or more will do. 18 inches is ideal.

12)   Glass of water: please have a glass of water available at the end of class to help you return to normal body awareness.

Class Conduct Guidelines:

1)      There will be pauses throughout the class for questions and discussion; please save your questions until then. You can also send a private email after class:
2)      Please be respectful, compassionate, and kind with the teacher, other students, and with yourself.

3)      Our job is to align with grace and allow these divine forms to move through you. It’s not on you to master every technique, memorize every technical term, or meet some outside standard of perfection.

4)      Please keep your computer microphone muted while I am speaking. Then when we have time for questions, you can turn on your microphones. Make sure phones or other noises are switched off before class.

5)      If you are late to class, please do your own centering practice before you log in and give a silent ceremonial bow when the video goes live. This is a physical way to confirm you have joined the class matrix.

6)      If you need to leave class for any reason, please give a silent bow before you turn away from the camera. Then again when you return. This is both to respect the teachings and to ensure you engage and disengage the energy field of the class matrix smoothly.

7)      Please be patient and gentle with yourself and the process of learning. There may be an impulsive desire to try and jump ahead, to seize the information you desire. Or, it may be to avoid the discomfort of starting at the beginning, or the boredom that can arise when working methodically through a sequential process.

8)      For now, trust the process, trust the divine beings we are invoking for guidance, be okay with unanswered questions and temporary confusion. If you feel stuck, ask for help, pray for guidance, and trust that assistance may arrive in ways you may not yet understand or recognize.

9)      Have fun!

Contact us at if you have any questions, concerns, or experiences you would like to share.