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Living Sanskrit Course Updates

In honor of Mahāśivarātri, we are offering TWO free classes on Thursday, February 23, where you can learn about Lord Śiva and his different powers and forms.

The first class is at 12pm PST with Dr. Maitreya Larios and Shivani Ray, where you will learn 11 names and forms of Śiva, including some of the stories behind the name. You will also learn a number of ways to practice using the divine name – which is essential for Mahāśivarātri practice.

The second class is at 6pm PST with Ekabhumi Ellik and Shivani Ray. Ekabhumi will go through the iconography and symbolism of three essential visual representations of Śiva: the Śivaliṅgaṃ, Naṭarāja, and Śambhu Sadāśiva. You will also learn guidelines and ways of using sacred art in your spiritual practice, including rituals specific to Mahāśivarātri.

Please register for each class individually by clicking below. The classes are free and our Mahāśivarātri gift to you. 🙂