Rāma Navamī

राम नवमी

Lesson 7: Rāma-nāma Japa Practice

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The name Rāma is widely used to simply refer to "God", the supreme presence, in many lineages and traditions even where Śrī Rāma is not the major deity.

His name is simple, holy, and invokes protection and blessings for all.  It is traditional to both repeat his name as a form of mantra-japa, and also to write it.  You do not need special initiation to repeat his name, which is also his mantra.

In fact, people often fill up entire notebooks writing his name. These notebooks are then often placed for safekeeping in the bank or other safe place - representing that the name of the divine is not only part of our wealth, but also an integral part of our security.

The video below shows you how to write his name. There are many different types of fonts even in Devanāgarī, each with their own stylistic variations.  However, here is a simple hand-written example you can follow along with at home.


Teacher: Shivani Hawkins

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