Rāma Navamī

राम नवमी

Lesson 5: A Prayer for Protection

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This beautiful prayer-verse is part of a longer hymn to Śrī Rāma. It invites an experience of divine protection and fearlessness. It comes at the end of the Śrīrāmarakṣāstotram composed by the sage Budhakauśika. The Śrīrāmarakṣāstotram is a popular devotional hymn (stotra) in which Lord Rāma is invoked for protection (rakṣā).

This hymn was particularly popular in Maharashtra where many commentaries were written in Marathi and in Sanskrit, and it continues to be used in many parts of India today.

This particular śloka is set in the majestic śārdūlavikrīḍitam meter. It is said that whoever sincerely recites this hymn gets the protection from Śrī Rāma in his path to liberation.

This verse is also special because it contains all the declensions of the word Rāma in all the eight cases of the Sanskrit language (nominative, vocative, accusative, instrumental, dative, ablative, genitive, and locative) for the words in singular masculine ending in “a”.

It is therefore very often used in the first lessons of Sanskrit grammar. We will be using this verse in our Sanskrit classes, so getting familiar with it is a great idea if you are planning to study with us in the future!


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rāmo rājamaṇiḥ sadā vijayate rāmaṃ rameśaṃ bhaje ।

rāmeṇābhihatā niśācaracamū rāmāya tasmai namaḥ । 

rāmānnāsti parāyaṇaṃ parataraṃ rāmasya dāsosmyahaṃ ।

rāme cittalayaḥ sadā bhavatu me bho rāma māmuddhara ॥37॥

I worship Rāma, jewel among kings, who is always victorious and the Lord of Sitā (Ramā) ।

I bow to that Rāma who defeated hordes of demons।

I am a servant of Rāma for there is no refuge greater than Rāma।

May my mind be always absorbed in Rāma. O Rama, please uplift me ॥ 37॥

Teachers: Dr. Maitreya Larios & Shambhavi Dandekar

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