Lesson 1: Exercise 1: Mātra Practice

अ a, आ ā, इ i, ई ī, उ u, ऊ ū

A) Practice breathing easefully, letting the breath (prāṇa) move. Try to feel it throughout your body, and pay particular attention to its presence in your abdomen, chest, throat, back, face, and head.

B) Start vocalizing the breath, making gentle, natural sounds. If you notice strain or nervousness, go back to simple breathing.

C) As you make sound, soften the throat and gently invite it to open so the breath and sound can move freely.

D) Practice the first six mātras: (अ a, आ ā, इ i, ई ī, उ u, ऊ ū). Click play on the audio file above.

These sounds are articulated in the back of the mouth, the palate, and the lips.