The following verse honors the Dawn, a common practice across many ancient cultures.

You can choose to listen or recite along. We invite you to take a steady and upright posture, comfortable and open. Take a few breaths and let your energy and attention settle. When you feel ready, press play and let these sacred sounds move through your entire being, whether you are listening or singing.

अरुणाय शरण्याय करुणारससिन्धवे ।
असमानबलायाऽर्तरक्षकाय नमो नमः ॥

aruṇāya śaraṇyāya karuṇārasasindhave ।

asamānabalāyā’rtarakṣakāya namo namaḥ ॥

Salutations again and again to the Dawn, to the ultimate refuge, to the ocean of compassion, to the one with incomparable strength, to the protector of the distressed!

Word-by-Word Translation
aruṇāya = to the Dawn

śaraṇyāya= to the refuge
karuṇārasasindhave= to the ocean of the nectar of compassion
asamānabalāyā = to the one with incomparable strength/power
ārtarakṣakāya= to protector of the distressed
namo namaḥ= Salutations again and again

Teachers: Dr. Maitreya Larios and Shambhavi Dandekar