like the lotus



like the lotus


Padmarūpā: Beautiful Like the Lotus

A Sacred Art Experience

Saturday July 9th & Sunday July 10th, 2022

10am-6:30pm; Free Community Events beginning at 5:30-6:30pm

Join Us at Our New Center in Freestone, California

Make Sacred Art

Learn how to draw traditional lotus motifs and create your own image of the Goddess Lakṣmī based on sacred art methods – no prior art experience necessary.

Learn Mantra & Meditation

Learn how to pronounce and recite traditional mantras to invoke the blessings of Śrī Lakṣmī, and meditate on the spiritual power of Śrī, the divine life-nourishing beauty of the universe.

Receive the Blessings of Śrī Laksṃī Pūjā

Invoke life into your own hand-drawn icon by participating in the ancient practice of pūjā, ritual worship. The worship of Lakṣmī is said to bring prosperity, healing, abundance, and beauty to our world.

Experience Sacred Dance

Watch ancient wisdom tales come to dazzling life through an intimate Bharatanāṭyam performance, and learn how to make the beautiful lotus mudra with your own hands.

Delight in Nature

Immerse yourself in the exquisite natural beauty of summertime in the Sonoma Coast region, surrounded by ancient redwood trees, grazing animals, colorful wildflowers, the wild Pacific ocean, and luminous golden sunshine.

Nourish Yourself

Come together with others and be nourished at every level by creative expression, good company, traditional food, and a beautiful sacred environment.

Teachers & Presenters

Drdha Vrata Gorrick is an artist from the US and trained in the traditional arts in South India, bringing the best of both worlds to his creative practice. His work infuses new life into devotional art by combining styles from different parts of India while staying within a Vedic tradition.

Drdha believes that the skills we receive are gifts from god and that we can use to elevate our consciousness. He strives to create art that surpasses the mundane and is aided by his extensive training in iconometry, iconography, traditional painting and architectural design, as well as skills in lost-wax casting and clay modeling. Drdha’s main source of inspiration is the timeless art and architecture that he experienced during his 15 years of travel and study in India. His commissions range from drawings, paintings and sculptures for homes and temples to managing temple construction projects.

In addition to his art projects, Drdha enjoys teaching art and sharing his knowledge with other enthusiasts through workshops, seminars and collaborations.
Shivani Hawkins is a meditation teacher and artist, as well as the founder of Living Sanskrit. She has been a student of meditation and yoga since birth, and began teaching in 2001 with the direction and blessings of her teacher.

Shivani’s skill as a teacher is helping make esoteric concepts and practices accessible and alive. As an American born into the tradition, she strives to ensure the teachings land safely and respectfully in non-native contexts.

She is currently developing and managing our center in Freestone, CA where she resides with her husband and young child.

Vinay Srinivasan has studied Bharathanatyam under Smt. Hema & Krithika Rajagopalan for the past 23 years. Having completed his Arangetram in August 2007, Vinay continues to perform as both a solo artist & with the acclaimed Natya Dance Theatre at various prestigious venues both national & international — to name a few: the Chase Manhattan Plaza, NYC; the Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park; The Harris Theatre; DCA’s Storefront Theater; respected institutions such as Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, as part of the December Music Festival in Chennai, India. Through his performances he has won appreciation for his crisp Nritta and involved abhinaya by critics and connoisseurs.


His training in Carnatic music, especially the knowledge of ragas and swaras, further enhances his involvement with the music to form a deeper emotional connection with the work being presented. Vinay is also a studio artist and enjoys studying symbolism in ancient Dravidian art and architecture — He finds it interesting to connect these experiences (be it dance, music, or art) at a philosophical level to ultimately guide his spiritual growth.


Alongside being an artist, Vinay also balances his day job as UX Designer in the Bay Area.

Ekabhumi is an award-winning poet, author, illustrator, yoga instructor and arts educator with 20 years of international teaching experience.  Ekabhumi’s poetry, prose, and illustrations have been published widely, including articles in Tarka Magazine, illustrations in Sally Kempton’s Awakening Shakti and his own Bhakti Coloring Book, available from Sounds True Press. He is core faculty at livingsanskrit.com and co-founder of Mystic Art Retreats. His current artwork is based on experiences arising from daily ritual and meditation.

Learning Journeys

Beauty of The Lotus

Saturday, July 9th, 2022 10AM-6:30PM

  • Begin the day with meditation, mantra, and gentle yoga-āsana practice
  • Understand the spiritual significance of the lotus flower in art and dharmic teachings
  • Learn drawing exercises to help warm up and prepare for art practice
  • Learn how to recite a Sanskrit dhyāna-śloka – a visualization mantra used for meditation practice – for Goddess Lakṣmī – with live embodied physical dance demonstration
  • Enjoy a delicious traditional Indian lunch outdoors in the garden
  • Learn how to draw the sacred lotus flower
  • Connect with your being as you go deeper into mantra and meditation practice
  • Enjoy delicious homemade chai and snacks throughout the day

FREE COMMUNITY EVENT: 5:30-6:30PM, open to all

Watch a live classical dance performance by Vinay Srinivasan (senior disciple of Smt. Hema Rajagopalan) demonstrating the resilience of the lotus flower and the wondrous life-nourishing power of Śrī, Lakṣmī’s essential power. We will also learn how to make the mudra (hand shape) of the lotus flower and explore some of the ways the lotus is conveyed in this dance form. Everyone is welcome to attend!

The Radiant Goddess

Sunday, July 10th, 2022 10AM-6:30PM

  • Begin the day with meditation, mantra, and gentle yoga-āsana practice
  • Learn about the iconography of Goddess Lakṣmī and why she is called Padmarūpā, the one with the beauty of the a lotus
  • Learn how to draw your own beautiful Lakṣmī image with step-by-step guidance (no prior art experience or training necessary)!
  • Enjoy a delicious traditional Indian lunch outdoors in the garden
  • Understand practices and teachings related to Lakṣmī, and how to invoke the energy of Śrī in your world
  • Connect with your being as you go deeper into meditation and mantra practice
  • Enjoy delicious homemade chai and snacks throughout the day

    FREE COMMUNITY EVENT: 5:30-6:30PM, open to all
    We will conclude the weekend with a Lakṣmī pūjā to worship our completed icons and bring them to life, preparing them for use on our home altars. All are welcome to participate and receive blessings!


Single Day (either Saturday or Sunday): $170
Full Retreat (Saturday & Sunday): $290

Work-trade options and payment plans are available; please contact admin@livingsanskrit.com for more information.


You do not need any art training at all! This ancient style of art is very precise and follows a specific grid so that anyone, regardless of experience, can learn how to draw a beautiful image of the divine. Drdha will be guiding everyone step-by-step and you will be amazed at what you are able to create.


You also do not need to have any prior spiritual training or background in any of this to attend. Beginners and curious people are warmly welcome!

Yes, we will have art materials ready for you to use and take home (for a small materials fee); alternatively, the list will be provided for you if you want to bring your own.

Yes, you can only attend for one day if you like.

It does not matter which day you attend! They are both unique and have been designed so that you can have a full experience regardless of which day you are able to attend.

  • This event is only open for vaccinated adults and others showing a negative PCR test within 72 hours. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or other contagious illness, please remain at home.
  • Our studio has multiple ceiling fans and huge barn doors that open on either side, creating a fully ventilated space.
  • We encourage everyone to sit at least six feet apart, and tables and chairs will be set up accordingly.
  • Mask-wearing is encouraged but not required at this time.
  • Lunch and teatime will be held outdoors.

Depending on interest, we may be able to provide shared housing for a small group of students. Please contact admin@livingsanskrit.com if you are interested in this option.

Yes, all the food will be vegetarian with ample vegan and gluten-free options.

Yes, please contact admin@livingsanskrit.com and we can try to locate a rideshare for you.

In the event that you are unable to attend you may apply the amount as a credit towards future learning events. You may also transfer your seat to someone else if you wish before the event begins.

The course starts at 10am; you are welcome to arrive any time after 9:15am to settle in, or explore the grounds and surrounding village.

We are located at 469 Bohemian Hwy, Freestone CA 95472 in west Sonoma County, the coastal region of California’s beautiful wine country.


We are 20 minutes from Santa Rosa, 15 minutes to Bodega Bay, and 5 minutes to Occidental. We are located a little over an hour north of Oakland and San Francisco.


The nearest airport is Santa Rosa (STC) and otherwise Oakland (OAK) or San Francisco (SFO).

Anyone 10 years and older is welcome to attend!

Please email us anytime at admin@livingsanskrit.com! We are happy to speak to you and answer any questions you have.