New Moon vol 32: Celebrate the New Year!

Living Sanskrit Newsletters

Today we bring you a special early edition of our newsletter in honor of the NEW YEAR! These are the final days leading up to the New Year celebration happening on October 31st.

The New Moon night is called Dīpāvali, and is also known as Diwali in many parts of the world, and it is the last night of the year. Between now and New Year’s, we have two primary goals: first, to align with the light, letting go of all darkness. Secondly, we offer our gratitude for the abundance in our lives and recommit to cultivating prosperity in the New Year.

This time is referred to as “the holiday season” in this tradition – it is, like the Christmas holidays, a time for families to connect, to eat lots of rich and lavish food, to dress up and be festive, and, in reality, a time for deep and joyful spiritual practice, where we really celebrate the divine presence and blessings in our lives. (Unfortunately, like the Christmas holidays, Diwali has also become very commercialized in many parts of the world.)

There are 5 days in the holiday – today is Vāgbāras (Govatsa-dvādaśī in Sanskrit), where we give thanks for abundance in the form of cows. Tomorrow, on Dhanteras (Dhana-trayodaśī in Sanskrit) we give thanks for all of the forms of wealth in our lives – something we’ll be exploring in detail in our live class tomorrow – more information below!

Then, we go into Naraka-Caturdaśī, which is a day where we free ourselves from inner and outer hell and reunite with the sweetness and majesty of divine glory. On Dīpāvali, we fill our homes with light, and do pūjā to Mahālakṣmī, the great cosmic goddess of abundance and beauty. In fact, we invite her into our homes and our hearts. And finally, we have New Year’s Day itself, where we sparkle with fresh energy and new intention.

Each day has detailed practices and beautiful wisdom behind each ritual, and the best part is that countless people around the world are also performing the same practices! So, we wanted to help you join in the fun, and have put together another free course about these practices!

Doing the ritual without meaning or devotion doesn’t take us deeper in our practice; longing to connect deeper but not knowing how can be frustrating and bewildering.

We design our content so that you can learn both the “why” and the “how” of each teaching and practice. And, the beauty of the tradition is no matter your level of training and experience, each time we revisit something it becomes an opportunity for greater insight and transformation.

So we invite you to celebrate the New Year with us, from wherever you are in the world. Learn more by signing up here!

Tomorrow at 12 noon PST (Thursday), we are offering a live online class with FOUR of our Core Teachers for the FIRST TIME! Come and learn from Hema Patankar, Dr. Maitreya Larios, Ekabhumi Ellik, and Shivani Ray as they explore all the different types of wealth and how we can honor and embrace it!

This session will be packed with teachings from a variety of disciplines including the scriptures, Ayurveda, sacred art, and ritual practice. You’ll be able to ask questions, too! Sign up here.