Makara Saṃkrānti [New Course]

Living Sanskrit Course Updates, Self-Paced Free Course

Happy Makara Saṁkrānti!  Today is the day we honor the divine light in the form of our magnificent, radiant sun!

The sun embodies many different powers and virtues.  Some that stand out are protecting dharma, courageous leadership, friendliness, and radiance.  As we reflect on and practice for Sūrya-devatā, Lord Sun, we also strengthen these energies within ourselves.

To celebrate Makara Saṁkrānti, we are delighted to share an 8-lesson interdisciplinary course packed with profound knowledge and inspiration for this special occasion.  And, it's our free gift to you!

LESSON 1: Learn the ecological roots of this holiday, why we revere the sun, and traditional practices for this day.

LESSON 2: Discover the many layers of meaning and wisdom contained in the 12 names/mantras of Sūrya found in the Sun Salutation mantras.  Also, learn how to recite them with the correct bīja (seed) mantra.

LESSON 3: Learn about how Sūrya is represented in sacred art - ancient, modern, and folk - and what virtues and qualities his iconography represents.  Also, understand what the shapes and colors of the Sūrya Yantra signify.

LESSON 4: Listen to and learn how to chant the Sūrya Namaskāra (Sun Salutation) mantras.

LESSON 5: Listen to and learn how to recite the short and powerful Āditya Gāyatri mantra.

LESSON 6: Learn why we share sweet sesame laddūs, the traditional Ayurvedic prasāda for Makara Saṃkrānti, and the practice of cultivating an attitude of friendliness.  This knowledge-packed lesson includes a step-by-step recipe for this delicious treat!

LESSON 7: Listen to and learn the meaning of an ancient prayer-verse honoring the Dawn and invoking protection.

LESSON 8: Listen to and learn a prayer from the Iśopaniṣad that invokes illumination and protection.

May your celebration of Makara Saṁkrānti fill you with all the sun's blessings!  
May you speak sweetly with others, and may others speak sweetly with you!
May you discover your power, embrace your dharma, and shine bright!