Honoring Rāma Navamī [NEW COURSE]

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Today, we celebrate one of the most beloved and accessible forms of the divine - Śrī Rāma!  He is a form of the divine that most of us appreciate and can connect to - granting blessings of integrity, leadership, and virtue.

For our Rāma Navamī offering, we have put together our most in-depth and interdisciplinary free course yet!  

In this course, we will learn:

-the profound natural wisdom and ecology encoded in the story of Śrī Rāma
-traditional sacred practices for Rāma Navamī
-the meaning, and pronunciation of 8 names and mantras for Lord Rāma
-nuanced and amazing teachings conveyed through his iconic bow and arrow (1.5+ hours of learning about just this!)
-all about the seasonal Ayurvedic prasāda for Rāma, which has a piercing, energizing quality
-a Sanskrit verse invoking protection and blessing
-how to sing the entire Rāmāyaṇa in one verse
-how to write the name Rāma, and traditional written japa practice
-why Śrī Rāma's blessings are invoked during times of political or government turmoil

There is of course much, much more.  During the creation process, all of the teachers ended up producing at least four times more content than originally planned.  Even after fierce editing, we are happy to share that we still have a veritable treasure trove of practices and material for you to explore.  And what a perfect time for the politically tumultuous world to be practicing for Śrī Rāma, who embodies just and virtuous leadership!

You can start learning with any of the lessons as you wish; they are not sequential.  They draw on different types of traditional knowledge — language, sacred art, mythology, mantra, and Ayurveda — but all carry the same message — the magnificent, protective, loving power of Śrī Rāma.  We hope they bring you as much inspiration and energy as we received working on them.

On this sacred day, may you have a sacred, inspiring, and powerful experience of Śrī Rāma!

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