Celebrating Guru Pūrṇimā

Living Sanskrit Self-Paced Free Course

Śūbh Gurupūrṇimā!

Today is a very blessed and cherished full moon! It is the day where we honor the guru and express gratitude for the wisdom we have received. We also honor the special bond between guru and disciple.

To help support your practice, we are delighted to share our latest free course, where you will learn:

-who can be called a guru, and why
-traditional methods for learning and how they work
-the profound teachings encoded in the iconography of Dakṣināmūrti, Lord Śiva in the form of the guru
-Sanskrit mantras and prayers to connect with the blessings of the guru
-why we offer dakṣiṇā to our gurus on this day

May you have an inspiring and joyful celebration of Guru Pūrṇimā!