Happy Holi! [New Course]

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We can use lots of exclamation marks to wish you because arguably the point of Holī is to cultivate the purity, devotion, and open-hearted enthusiasm of a child!  Many people think Holī festivities are just for kids, but actually, it's a day for ALL of us to become LIKE kids. 🙂

And of course, there is a tremendous amount of profound wisdom and tradition behind Holī practices.  Our latest free course will teach you:

  • the core practices of Holī, i.e. why we light the bonfire and throw colors at each other
  • the traditional prasāda for Holī - pūranpolis! (and how and why we make them)
  • the incredible, breathtaking tale of Prahlāda, including guided reflection exercises
  • why colors play such a huge role in the tradition, and what they represent

One of the words for pride or ego in Sanskrit is ahaṃkāra - literally, "I am the doer".  It's so easy to get wrapped up in our cleverness, in all of our plotting and planning to amass more and more power and resources, thinking that somehow this will bring us glory.  Instead, Holī reminds us that love, play, and our innate goodness are far greater.

These practices show us that by letting go of pride and insecurity - by embracing life as play - by letting go of our agendas - by becoming humble and open-hearted - by awakening to our childlike delight - we can actually attain some of the most profound truths about reality and the human journey.

But enough about all that for now.  Let's celebrate!  🙂

May you have a joyful, blessed, and very happy Holī!

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