Full Moon vol 31: Drink the Healing Light

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Are you enjoying the spectacular Full Moon? Tonight’s Full Moon is known as Sharad Pūrṇimā. After all the deep practice of Pitṛ Pakṣa and the battle and extravagance of Navrātrī, naturally, the mind and body need a rest.

The full moon this month is known as the healing moon. The moon is generally considered to be a soothing, calming influence. If you think of what causes suffering in the first place, it’s usually someone’s (and/or your own) addictive, fear-driven, and violent tendencies. The moon’s energy pacifies these mental tendencies, and allows us to heal and re-center.

The rays of this particular moon – Sharad Pūrṇimā – are more gentle and soothing than at any other time. So we make time on this day to spend as much time with the moon as possible – lettings its quiet, sweet light nourish our beings and bring us back to the heart.

Another thing we do is physically drink the moon’s rays by making a special healing concoction known as dūdh-pohā in Hindi. This is basically rice flakes soaking in milk, with some sugar and fresh cardamom. The entire bowl is left outside under the moonlight. It soaks up the moon rays and then the entire family shares this healing medicine.

Practice: Drink the Moon’s Healing Light

The traditional practice for this Full Moon is to spend as much time as possible under the moonlight. It is common for people to sleep outdoors or simply to spend the evening bathing in the moon’s light.

You can also make dūdh-pohā and leave it under the moon at night, preferably till at least midnight.

Recipe for Dūdh-pohā

For 1-2 servings:

1 cup cold milk
1/3 cup poha (flattened rice flakes; you can also substitute with plain cooked white rice)
1-2 pinches cardamom powder (freshly ground is ideal)
1-2 tsps sugar (raw organic is better)

Rinse poha and mix into a bowl of milk; add cardamom powder and sugar. Stir. Securely cover bowl and place outside under the moonlight. You can also cover it with mesh or cheesecloth, as well as place it in a larger bowl or tray of water to prevent insects from climbing in.

As you drink the dūdh-pohā, remember to offer your gratitude to the moon for its healing energy. Experience your mind quieting and softening. Feel the nectarean white liquid moving through your entire body, soothing and calming your energy. Let yourself be at peace.