From Mātra to Mantra: The Sounds of Sanskrit

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You may have wondered why we're called Living Sanskrit, since we teach so much more than just Sanskrit.  In every indigenous pathway around the world, you will find that language is the key to the culture.  Language connects us to the world around us, and establishes the paradigm and framework through which we comprehend our world. It is the cornerstone of culture, and more importantly, it directs us to the spiritual values of each community.

That is even more apparent when it comes to the dharma tradition, because Sanskrit is not just the ancient language our ancestors used, but it is the energetic foundation on which our entire tradition rests.  Sanskrit mantras are used in almost every aspect of sacred practice or ritual.  Mantra is more than just language and sound - it is the actual living energy of the tradition preserved in sound form.

Even in daily life, in our culture, from when we wake up, to when we sleep, Sanskrit words, songs, chants, and blessings are used throughout the day.  Even the most simple people know at least a line or two of Sanskrit that has been passed on as their family mantra or ritual invocation/blessing. And most modern Indian languages descend from Sanskrit and share its vocabulary.

So, to enter into the living tradition, you also have to enter into a living experience of Sanskrit... Living Sanskrit!  And we are so delighted to share with you our first online course, which is a deep dive journey into these sacred sounds.

The course is highly interactive and deeply personal - you will be studying directly with the teacher and a small group of students, learning to hear and produce these sounds - these living energies - within yourself.  Over the course of 8 weeks of Sanskrit study, we will powerfully transform our relationship to our breath, speech, and being itself.

The course is open to all levels, and is a required prerequisite for all intermediate and advanced Living Sanskrit courses.  To register or to learn more, please visit our course page!

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