Durgā Yantra

Durgā Yantra

In honor of this season’s Navarātrā, the nine nights of practice and worship of Mother Durgā, we will be practicing sacred art by coloring in her traditional yantra.

A yantra is the visual pattern that embodies the energy of a deity – it is the visual reverberation of its cosmic power.

The mantra and yantra of a deity are the same essence embodied in different forms.

As we color, we will also be listening to mantras and hymns for Durgā-devī. In this way, we can align with her blessings and protection at many different levels of our being.

Please take a moment now to meditate on her yantra below.

Ekabhumi Ellik will guide you through the actual process of coloring. This written introduction includes tips to help you prepare and have a richer, more profound, and more beneficial experience.

Everyone is welcome and our goal is to encourage a welcoming atmosphere. Yet we do ask you honor sacred nature of this divine form, the mantras, and the devotion of other participants by behaving in a meditative manner.

Please clean yourself and wear fresh clothes before we begin. Or at least wash your hands, face, and rinse your mouth. Cultivate a sense of elegant simplicity in your conduct and technique. If possible, make sure your work environment is clean, bright, and pleasant-smelling.

We ask that you honor the nature of this practice by remaining focused on the task, avoid unnecessary talking (turn off your phone), please do not eat while working (water is okay), do not point your feet at the yantra or the camera, and please use traditional colors (please no expressive art improvisation on the yantra itself).

This is a yantra that invokes the power and majesty of Goddess Durgā. Please treat it respectfully. If you print this out, please to not place it on the ground, set it on anything dirty, do not store it in an unclean area (like the bathroom), and do not trash it. If you no longer wish to keep a printed copy, please give it to someone you love, immerse it in running water, or burn it as an offering.

Colored pencils are recommended, but crayons and markers are fine. We suggest the following ideal set of colors, but if you can’t procure them all, just bring as many as you have available.


Ideally, please have the following colors ready:


Light Yellow

Medium Yellow



Flame Red

Iridescent Gold

Here are the three essential colors:



Flame Red

The most important color, if you only have one:


To begin your practice, please download a free version of this yantra here. You can print out a copy or use a coloring app or software to color digitally if you wish.

Please respect the sacred nature of this offering and refrain from copying, distributing, selling, or using for any purpose other than your personal practice.

Once you have a copy of your yantra and materials ready, please sign in to the live online session.