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Living Sanskrit is a global school for traditional wisdom and sacred practices – a resource for anyone who wants to learn about and cultivate a dharmic way of life as understood by ancient Indian wisdom paths, including yoga.

These ancient sacred traditions are still alive and meant to be practiced as part of daily life, not studied as a historical artifact nor urbanized and modified beyond recognition.

We hope that by educating people around the world about this beautiful, life-giving body of wisdom, we will also support its preservation for generations to come. And, a significant portion of all our proceeds are shared with traditional indigenous schools and dharma centers in India.

We are building a unique and highly interactive learning platform and app. We have designed it to mirror the same teaching methods that have been used for thousands of years – and it’s interdisciplinary, too!

Instead of needing to travel for years to a traditional school in rural India, you will be able to learn and practice this timeless wisdom from wherever you are in the world, and at your own pace. (That said, we’d still love to take you to rural India at some point, too!)

Along with tech design and development, we also film, translate, and organize a huge amount of audio-visual learning material, much of which is in the final stages of post-production and will be shared with you all on this site soon. Our teaching team really works hard to make sure that all of our lessons are accurate, meaningful, and something we can all realistically put into practice.

As you can imagine, this is a HUGE project. We now have readers on all six continents and from over 45 countries. Everything in life requires resources to grow and blossom, including this project!

If you have appreciated what you have learned so far, and want to help build our school, we welcome your support!

Thank you for your contribution, in any amount! We’re also grateful for any testimonials or experiences you can share with us so we can help spread the word – just email us at

As a special thank you, if you make a contribution of $1001 or greater, you will automatically receive a lifetime membership for all online courses and events. And, you’ll also get a 1-hour private class, a special gift mailed to you, and priority registration and seating for all live events such as retreats and ceremonies, and other benefits! There are a limited number of these memberships available.

You can contribute via credit card or Paypal below, or physically mail us at:

Sacred Natural, LLC
910 S El Camino Real Ste. A
San Clemente, CA 92672

[N. B. In case you’re wondering why we picked these amounts, they are sacred numbers. 27 and 54 are factors of 108, the most sacred number. Otherwise, we traditionally give in even, whole numbers that end in “1” (31, 101, etc). The “1” is auspicious, and represents how grace is generous and always manages to give us a bit more than what we expect.]


Thank you for your generous support!