Celebrating Navarātrā

Living Sanskrit Self-Paced Free Course

Jaya Mā! Śubh Navarātra!

Our latest free course on the beloved Navrātri festival – a 10-day celebration of the Divine Mother, is now live!

We will be adding lessons each day. Lessons 1-6 are live now! Learn about:

-the mythology and symbolism of Mā Durgā, including a useful framework for understanding mythology on the whole
-the celebration and meaning of Navrātri
-traditional practices for Navrātri & Vijayādaśamī
-why and how we chant the Devī Mahātmyam
-Ayurvedic seasonal wisdom for autumn
-how to make 2 types of traditional Ayurvedic Navrātri prasāda
-a devotional prayer to Mā from the Devī Argalā Stotram, and much more!