Celebrating Gaṇeśotsava

Living Sanskrit Retreats & Workshops, Self-Paced Free Course

Jaya Gaṇeśa-deva! This 10-day celebration of Śrī Gaṇesa honors the most iconic and universally embraced deity in our dharma tradition.

In this course, we invite you to learn about:

-how Śrī Gaṇesa got his elephant head

-what he represents, and why we worship him

-the traditional practice of making a mūrtī by hand, and then immersing it into water

-all about the traditional Ayurvedic prasāda for Gaṇeśa, including the famous and beloved modaka!

-how to sing the Gaṇeśa Gāyatrī mantra, and its meaning, as well as another common prayer śloka

-a beautiful sacred kathak dance embodying the Gaṇesa Pañcaratna Stotram, composed by Ādi Śaṇkarācārya