Celebrating Dīpāvali

Living Sanskrit Available Anytime, Self-Paced Free Course

Our joyful, uplifting, sacred New Year’s celebrations are beginning soon! To support your practice, we are delighted to share our latest free course with you.

Learn about all 5 days of Dīpāvali (Diwali) practices and traditions, and the many different ways in which we honor and invoke Śrī during this time. You will also learn:

-the significance of cows and why we love them
-traditional forms of wealth
-how do to a basic dhana-pūjā
-the iconography and symbolism of Dhanvantari, the lord of health and healing
-the relationship between dhana (wealth) dhanyatā (blessedness) and dhānyaka (coriander)
-the fierceness of divine love and protection as told through the myth of Kṛṣṇa/Kālī slaying Narakāsura
-practices for Diwali, including how to do a threshold pūjā in your home
-why we do everything “new” on the New Year