Architecture of Nature:
Create a 5-Elements Yantra

This 7-week live online course invites us to a profound journey of the five primordial elements that are the building blocks of reality. Together, we will make our own personal work of sacred art and learn to utilize it in actual dharmic practice. This course invites us into a deeply healing experience that engages all of our senses and connects us to our true luminous nature.

Discover the Healing Power of Sacred Art Practice

Traditionally, the manifest universe is understood to be made up of five great elements, the pañcamahābhūta-s. These elements are earth, water, fire, wind, and space, and they are understood as principles and energies of reality, not just static physical matter. For example, each element correlates to each of our five senses, shaping our mental and emotional processes as much as our physical ones.

The 5-elements yantra is a sacred geometric form that expresses the energies of these powers. It is used as a tool for meditation, healing, and purification of the subtle body. Skillful practice with this yantra supports the natural balance of these elements in our being.

Bhūta-śuddhi is a simple purification practice that is a classic preliminary act seen in many spiritual traditions, usually during meditation and pūjā (ritual worship). This practice harmonizes the five elements and cultivates an experience of radiant well-being. It utilizes visualizations of the five geometric forms seen in this yantra.

As we draw, paint, and meditate on the shapes and colors of each element, we are purifying and balancing the corresponding aspect of our own subtle body. Making the yantra ourselves is a heightened version of the bhūta-śuddhi practice.

In this course, every student will construct their own yantra from start to finish using simple art techniques. Each week, we will also dive deep into one of the elements, exploring its physical and subtle manifestations in our beings. This course is suitable for all levels, and no prior dharma training or art experience is required.

Through this process, we will make our own piece of traditional sacred art in a ritual and meditative manner. We will learn how to use it in conjunction with mantra and meditation practice. Most importantly, we will experience firsthand the profound relationship between visual dharma art and internal spiritual practice.

Five Elements Yantra

Each session of the course is limited to 18 students. Classes are 1-hour each week and held online. There are also weekly home practice exercises (about 30 minutes).

To take classes, you will need a webcam, microphone, and a stable internet connection. Recordings will be available after each class.

Students can bring their own art materials or purchase a course materials kit separately.

Tuition for 7-Week Series: $140


August 18th – September 29th, 2019 on Sundays from 10AM-11AM PST

This course is open to all levels, and is a required prerequisite for all intermediate and advanced classes.

If needed, please email to apply for a scholarship or to request a payment plan.

Class 1:

Elemental Shapes

Class 2:

The Golden Treasure: Earth

Class 3:

The Moon and the Lotus: Water

Class 4:

The Crucible of Transformation: Fire

Class 5:

The Dance of Divinity: Wind

Class 6:

The Open Heart: Space

Class 7:

The Seed of Reality

Course Instructor:

Ekabhumi Ellik

Living Sanskrit Core Teacher
Student Experiences:
"I was trained in Thangka painting at Naropa University, and felt quite confident about the depth of my practice before coming to Ekabhumi. What I have learned since is how much more there was waiting for me to discover. The combination of ritual, technique, and cultural understanding has opened a doorway I was longing for, into the more subtle esoteric dimensions, and awareness of these dimensions is moving through my body and onto the paper in ways I never imagined.

Responding to Ekabhumi's sincere guidance has opened a greater potency and transparency in my work-- the line between art and practice no longer exists."
Student Experiences:
"Art is a language in itself and Sacred Art is the Wisdom within it. And a teacher like Eka takes the journey deep, with much simplicity. Suddenly it's not just about making circles and other geometric patterns, but about how your entire body works together to create them. From holding a pencil in your hand and drawing, you come to realizing the potential within yourself beginning to manifest.

The surprise comes when Eka infuses a sense of fun and excitement with every discovery you make and you have to see how obvious it would have been if you had just paid attention. If you are ready to discover sides of yourself you hid really well through the use of a pencil and a piece of paper, or many of them, you are in the PERFECT place."
Student Experiences:
"What a great course this is, Ekabhumi! I am eternally grateful for your teachings. I have been particularly drawn to the teachings on how to create a mandala of your life.

How empowering to know I can take concrete steps to bring about particular beneficial effects in my life and that of those around me (and the wider world) as a result."
Student Experiences:
"Thank you for this course! It was very inspired and helpful. I learned a lot of new and interesting knowledge that I can use in my everyday life. Thank you for all the beauty you share with all of us."
Student Experiences:
"I'm a meditator and I'm terrible at drawing, and I wasn't sure whether this course was the right fit for me or not. However, I soon learned that this is so much more than an art class - it's art as a form of meditation, and even worship. Ekabhumi was very patient and answered all my questions. And there were so many delightful surprises and discoveries along the way! I feel like this course has changed my entire vision of myself and of the world."

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