The Āditya Gāyatrī mantra is a very powerful and potent way to activate the power and blessings of Sūrya-devatā, Lord Sun.

You can choose to listen or recite along. We invite you to take a steady and upright posture, comfortable and open. Take a few breaths and let your energy and attention settle. When you feel ready, press play and let these sacred sounds move through your entire being, whether you are listening or singing.

ॐ भास्कराय विद्महे ।
महाद्युतिकराय धीमहि ।
तन्नो आदित्यः प्रचोदयात्॥

oṁ bhāskarāya vidmahe |
mahādyutikarāya dhīmahi |

tanno ādityaḥ pracodayāt ||

Oṁ, may we know Bhāskara, the Illuminator! May we meditate on the maker of the great splendor! May Āditya, the son of eternal and infinite expanse, inspire us!

Word-by-Word Translation
oṁ = Oṁ
bhāskarāya = (dat-sng-m) to Bhāskara, the light maker, illuminator 

vidmahe: (3rd-sng-opt ātmanepada of √vid) May we know 

mahadyutikarāya= (dat-sng-m) to the maker of the great splendor

dhīmahi: (3rd-sng-opt of √dhī) We meditate

tan: (nom-sng tat)
naś: (acc-pl naḥ enclitic form) us
ādityaḥ= : (nom-sng)
āditya, the sun

pracodayāt: (3rd-sng-opt of pra + √cud) May he inspire (pra + cud) to impel, incite, animate, inspire.

Teachers: Dr. Maitreya Larios and Shambhavi Dandekar