From Mātra to Mantra:
The Sounds of Sanskrit

Class 6:

Connecting the World

य र ल व श ष स ह ज्ञ क्ष

Class 1:

The Origin of Sound

Class 2:

The Beginning of Movement

Class 3:

The Diverse Universe

Class 4:

The Column of Light

Class 5:

Vibrations of Consciousness

Class 6:

Connecting the World

Class 7:

The Five Acts of Śiva

Class 8:

The Presence of the Sacred

Lesson 6: Class Video Replay

Recorded on June 14, 2018 7-8PM PST

Out of respect for our group and our sacred space, please do not share this video with others outside of our class.

Practice the Sounds:

Antastha (Semi-vowels): य y, र r, ल l, व v
Ūṣman (Fricatives): श ś, ष ṣ, स s, ह h
Conjuncts: ज्ञ jñ, क्ष kṣ