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Experience the power of dharma, the sacred and natural path, as it has been practiced by the ancient wisdom traditions of the Indian subcontinent.

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Study traditional teachings and sacred practices including mantra chanting, scriptural study, sacred arts, ritual practice, meditation, and ecological wisdom with devoted expert teachers - and join our global student community!

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Whether you are just beginning or a long-time student, deepen your understanding of the vast body of traditional wisdom and its original indigenous context. Align your modern-day practice with the timeless beauty of these ancient knowledge streams.


Our school offers training in ancient wisdom and sacred practices from the Hindu yoga and dharma tradition. You might already be familiar with it: for example, have you ever tried the yogic practice of āsana (usually called “yoga”), or dhyāna, meditation?


These indigenous teachings and practices have been beautifully cultivated and passed on for thousands of years across many diverse lineages in the Indian subcontinent. These pathways are united by a devotion to a sacred way of life that nurtures and protects all beings at every stage of existence.

The teachings invite us to align with nature and the deepest knowing of our heart.
We have seen – over thousands of years – that they have the power to uplift suffering, heal our planet, and create beauty.

Living Sanskrit is a space where everyone from all backgrounds can learn this wisdom and practice this way of life. Whether you are just curious and passing by, or are already a dedicated dharma practitioner, please know that you are welcome here.


Until now, it has been a challenge to access the authentic tradition and to understand how all the different ancient teachings and practices fit together, especially within the flow of modern urban life. And it is easy to distort or erase important teachings and practices when we take them out of their native context, resulting in confusion and harm.


At Living Sanskrit, we are committed to protecting the purity and depth of this wisdom. We teach with nuance and with appropriate context so that the path can sustainably guide and inspire humanity for generations to come.


We hope that you will receive as much purpose, delight, and inspiration from this living tradition as we do. As always, we wish you happiness, health, and limitless blessings.


From all of us at Living Sanskrit – Swāgatam! Welcome!

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Shyāmā Mā: The Infinite Love of Kālī Mā

A Devotional Retreat

Saturday October 15th & Sunday October 16th, 2022

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