Ekabhūmi Ellik is an eloquent, inspiring, and practical teacher who utilizes art to help students recognize the beauty and sacredness of daily life. He holds a BA in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Figurative Art, and studied sacred art in several traditions both in the U.S. and India.  A former cook, shipping clerk, stock options broker, boot-fitter, and performance poet, his many life experiences help him connect to diverse students on a wide range of topics.

After several years of āsana practice, he took initiation into a haṭha yoga lineage in 2005. This is when he was given the name Ekabhūmi, which means “One Earth.” With the encouragement of his teacher, he retired from producing poetry events to focus exclusively teaching yoga āsana. At that time, he also became a regular student of Nepalese master painter Dinesh Charan Shrestha, who teaches the Newar style of thangka and paubha painting. Later, he journeyed to India to study in the sacred art lineage of Harish Johari under the tutelage of Pieter Weltevrede and Mavis Gewant. Eventually, sacred art became his core practice, and he was blessed to study with other teachers, including respected Vajrayana Buddhist artist Andy Weber.

He currently works full time as a sacred artist, with illustrations appearing in Tantra Illuminated (Christopher Hareesh Wallis), Awakening Shakti (Sally Kempton), Shiva’s Trident (Swami Khecharanantha) the upcoming Shakti Coloring Book from Sounds True, and on altars around the world. When not working on paintings or teaching yoga āsana, he can be found in the garden learning directly from nature.